“This above all: to thine own self be true.” – Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’


My name is Ali Norell. I am a wife, a mother  – of three children here with me and one in Spirit – an author, a healer and a psychic medium.

Since my early childhood I have been able to see, hear and sense the spirits of those who have passed and those who serve as guides from the spirit world. I spent many years working as a reflexologist specialising in fertility and pregnancy, and as a birth doula, before deciding that I wanted to begin my work with the ‘other end’ of this life. My work is now providing help and healing to those who are preparing to leave their lives and helping those who have passed on to communicate with their loved ones here on earth.

I made this decision following the passing to spirit of my youngest daughter, Romy, in July 2014. My belief in an afterlife and the many communications I received from her after she left us eventually caused me to believe that I am meant to use my abilities to help others who grieve.

My dearest wish is to help others to see that our loved ones are never ‘lost’. They are right beside us, helping us and willing us on in our purpose.