Believe You Can Birth - Online Course

I'm delighted to announce the launch of my live digital course, Believe You Can Birth, in September 2024.

A 6-week Believe You Can Birth Online Course starting on Thursday 19th September via Zoom and continuing weekly on Thursday evenings 6-8pm UK time on the following dates.
OCTOBER 3, 10, 17, 24
If finances are an issue please contact Ali as she will always try to make spaces available for those in need.

Ali Norell and the Believe You Can Birth Online Course

I spent over a decade working as a birth doula and a complementary therapist with a niche interest in fertility and pregnancy.

I made it my business to study, train and work with the best in the world of birthing. I completed my doula training with Michel Odent, an innovator of the water birth. I studied with the late, great Sheila Kitzinger, I worked with Dr. Gowri Motha and with Janet Balaskas at her Active Birth Centre and, while pregnant with my first child, I travelled to Tennessee to live on The Farm and study with Ina May Gaskin, internationally renowned author of 'Spiritual Midwifery". 

I applied everything I learned from them, and my many doula clients, to the births of my own four children. One of my babies was born in water, one was an unintentional free birth and one was born following emotional trauma.

However, all four of my birth experiences were so positive that I ended each one thinking, 'I could do that again!" That is not a joke. I felt empowered, strong, confident and fully in tune with my body, my mind, and purpose at that time, which was to birth my baby.

I didn't study anatomy, I did not practise special breathing exercises or hypnotise myself, I did not rely solely on a midwife, medical professional, my partner or a doula. I did not attend a single birth preparation class. I simply believed that I could birth - and I did.

I've spent a long time compiling all the knowledge I attained during that time into this amazing course: Believe You Can Birth.

Following countless conversations with pregnant women I've become passionate about teaching women to understand the mind-body connection with regard to birthing a baby.

I'll share with you affirmations and meditations I've written myself. We'll go through birth plans and why they shouldn't be called birth plans; we'll strip away everything you think you know about birth and build your confidence step by step.

I've taken the best of the best: everything I learned from these great birthing gurus and the beautiful women with whom I was privileged to sit while they birthed, not to mention, of course, my own four experiences of birthing and the trust I came to have in my own body. I'm going to share it with you, and explain how you can apply it.

You'll learn that there is no 'optimum' way to birth a baby. This course will help you if you are a first-time mum, if you have experienced loss, if you are hoping to birth at home or in a hospital. It will help you if you have booked a C-section. I’m not in the business of persuading women that home birth is best or that hospitals are safer. I believe that there is no place for judgement, planning, or control when it comes to birth, but the problem is, we live in a world that demands all of those things.

I also believe that there is a space where the medical and the spiritual can blend, but the birthing mother is centric to the process – this formed the basis of my work ethic as a complementary therapist and doula. 

Let's be clear: I'm not going to teach you to breathe, to understand the mechanics of your body (other than in a very basic and necessary way) and the focus of this course is not to make new 'Mummy friends'. It's always amazed me that we spend so much time focussing on painting the nursery, planning a baby shower, meeting friends with babies due at the same time as us - so much time, in fact, that there's not a lot left over to think about how we really feel about the prospect of birthing a human, and what we can possibly do to help us to feel confident in our ability to do so. 

I went through four pregnancies without a single birth preparation class and I made loads of new mama friends once my baby was born and I was able to get out and about to all the fun mama and baby classes. 

We'll talk about the huge impact of hearing others' negative birth stories and how to process this in a healthy way. I'll also show you how we can process birth trauma and go on to a positive birth experience.

I'll share with you the stories of my own birth experiences and break down what was helpful, and what wasn't. I'll teach you how I used my mind to remember that my body is born to birth a baby. 

Currently, this course is planned in a live format on six consecutive weeks with lifetime access to recordings if you can't make a class. There will also be access to a private Facebook group.

Once you've completed this course, you will believe you can birth, which means that whatever turn your birthing experience takes, you're far more likely to feel positively about it. It's taken me years to get this knowledge out of my head and down into an easily digestible format and I'm delighted to share it with you.

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