I am a trained healer, having completed my studies in a two-year course at the College of Psychic Studies in London from 2008 to 2010.

You may be aware of many different terms to describe healing: faith healing, spiritual healing, Reiki etc. nut I choose to use just ‘healing’ as I believe that the intention is the same.

I work intuitively and with my client either seated on a chair or lying on a massage couch. I may work with my hands on or off the body, depending on your preference.


Physically, I do what the above description says. Mentally and psychically, I work with your aura, your chakras and the energy field of your body in order to calm and balance it.


This varies from person to person. At the very least, you should feel a sense of relaxation. Some people feel heat or coolness emanating from my hands, others see colours or lights, still others go deeply into a semi sleep state.

I am a full member of the Healing Trust (formerly the National Federation of Spiritual Healers) and have completed training with Angie Buxton-King to qualify me to work with cancer patients and end of life care as a healer within the NHS.