Psychic Mediumship

You may have heard the phrase, ‘All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.’ What does it mean?

What Psychics Do

As a psychic, I am able to sense information about situations or people. We all have this ability and it is sometimes referred to as ‘intuition’. This may range from ‘knowing’ when someone is going to call us, to being able to state confidently that your friend is going to live in a particular house she has just viewed. This is when we ‘just know’, and it can happen in many different situations.

Sometimes it is referred to as ‘reading people’ and some entertainers and mentalists claim to have developed this skill and use it to prove that psychic mediums are fraudulent. I firmly believe that every single person on this planet is able to work psychically; it just takes a little development and belief in the ability. We all have a choice as to how we use this ability. I choose to use mine to offer advice on any aspect of a sitter’s life based on my own intuition. I also work to encourage the sitter to develop their own intuitive abilities and to place trust in them to enable increased confidence in their life decisions.

What Mediums Do

As a medium, I believe that I can form a connection with those in the spirit world, be they loved ones or spirit guides. When I do this, I take a moment to calm my mind and ‘tune in’, asking Spirit to give information only for the highest good – of the sitter and of all those involved. This means that if you come to a sitting desperate for a particular piece of information it may not necessarily be given as there are many situations in our lives that we have chosen to experience to advance us in our spiritual learning. If it were possible for a medium to simply pass on all the answers from the spirit world then there would be no point in any of us being here!

Most practising mediums work with only the very best intentions, but as with any other profession it takes training and discipline to interpret the information we receive to be able to give it in an appropriate and meaningful format for our sitter.

It’s worth noting here that a reputable professional medium will NEVER give you details of a serious illness, accident or death in a blunt or direct way. Should we be given this type of information, our training should allow us to pass it to you in a sensitive way to allow you to look into the situation and use your free will to make choices, but never, ever to shock, alarm or upset you.

I see my job as a medium as providing a connection with loved ones in Spirit. A sitter should go away with proof of survival of their loved one and hopefully a meaningful message to uplift and inspire.