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This notice was last updated on 6 March , 2024.

The nature of psychic mediumship is experimental and as a result no specific outcomes can be guaranteed.

All views expressed on this website are in line with the beliefs and world view of Ali Norell. Ali understands and respects that others may not hold, or share, these views or beliefs.

The way in which Ali works is not attached to any particular religion or spiritual practice. Ali does not uphold her own views as ‘better’ than any others and is respectful of any religion or spiritual belief, assuming that they do not seek to harm.

Views expressed on this website and in sittings are not presented as factual and should be viewed with discretion. Any opinion or advice given is Ali’s own, based on her own life experience and world view, and should not be relied upon during decision making. It is Ali’s wish to guide and empower clients to make decisions based on their own intuition and research.

Ali will not give sittings to any individual who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance which appears to impair their judgement or clarity of mind.

Healing is not a substitute for medical knowledge. Ali is not a medical practitioner and urges clients to consult a medical professional before booking a healing consultation.

Ali is not a qualified midwife and any advice given relating to fertility, pregnancy and birth is based on Ali’s own experience as a doula and complementary therapist and from her own experience as a birthing mother. Ali believes in working closely with midwifery professionals and respectfully heeding their advice.

If Ali is unable to make a connection to spirit during a mediumship appointment, no charge will be made.

Current law dictates that mediums must specify that mediumship is for entertainment purposes only.


Data Protection

If you contact Ali via this website, you will be asked to submit your name, email address and phone number.  By doing so, you consent to Ali holding this data for the use of communication with you. The data you provide will not be shared with anyone else, including advertisers and other potential interested third-party organisations or persons.