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This notice was last updated on 13 July, 2023.

The nature of intuitive coaching is that of enquiry and as a result, no specific outcomes can be guaranteed, nor are they promised. 

Views expressed in this website are in line with Ali's beliefs. Ali respects that others hold differing opinions.

The themes discussed during an intuitive coaching session are flexible, and the individual seeking coaching is always encouraged to make their own decisions and choices. Any experience or opinion given is purely Ali’s own and should not be taken as fact or true and should be viewed with discretion.

Current law dictates that anyone working with tarot must specify that a tarot reading is for entertainment purposes only.


Data Protection

If you contact Ali via this website, you will be asked to submit your name, email address and phone number.  By doing so, you consent to Ali holding this data for the use of communication with you. The data you provide will not be shared with anyone else, including advertisers and other potential interested third-party organisations or persons.